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"The Temporal Eviction" to be released by Rogue Star Stories.

"The Responsible Party" to be released in "Again, Hazardous Imaginings".

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July, 2020 - "The Rave thing" Paper Djinn Press.

Paper Djinn Press



June, 2020 - "Not Another Fish Planet"  Fiction on the Web.

Fiction on the Web

May, 2020 - "Putt-Putt" Sci-fi Lampoon.

Sci-Fi Lampoon Winter2020







May, 2020 - "EPA" Tall Tale TV.





February, 2020 - "Interplanetary Relations" Exchange Students.

Exchange Students

February, 2020 - "Poisoned Well" TRUMPLAND: Divided We Stand.


January, 2020 - "Family Court" Fiction on the Web.

Fiction on the Web

December, 2019 - "Dollar Hedge" Sensory Perceptions.


November, 2019 - "County Fair" and Executive Editor Sci-Fi Lampoon.


August, 2019 - "Better SAF Than Sorry" Imps and Minions.






July, 2019 - "Dance, Monkey, Dance!" The Weird and Whatnot.

May, 2019 - "EPA" Science Fantasy Hub.

March, 2019 - "Negotiating with Spectres"  Challenge Accepted: A Charity Anthology.

 Challenge Accepted: A Charity Anthology by [Barr, Stephanie, Burnett, Misha , Busick, Jennifer , Collings, Adam David , Curry, Steve , Gibson, Scott G. , Hertzoff, Joyce , Jago, Jane, Jennelle, Clarence , Jeanette O'Hagan, Layla Pinkett, Jen Ponce, Connor Sassmannshausen, Lynne Stringer, E. M. Swift-Hook, Margret Treiber, Andy Zach ]





October, 2018 - "Not Another Fish Planet" The New Accelerator.

October, 2018 - "Atmospheric Pressure" LampLight - Volume 7 Issue 1






September, 2018 - Novel: "Japanese Robots Love to Dance" by Double Dragon Publishing.

page_images/dancingrobots-510.jpgIt's tough being a robot - unrealistic expectations from humans, long hours, lack of social interaction. And what do you do when unscrupulous owners break the law? Humans have attorneys and so should you. Sometimes you just need a good lawyer to do what a robot can't. I am that lawyer. Gary Legal, attorney at law.



April, 2018 - Novel: "Sleepy Time for Captain Eris" by Double Dragon Publishing.

STFCE CoverCaptain Eris, AKA Death Engine, former military DNA tweak and mercenary is unexpectedly pulled out of her retirement in Champion Acres, and dragged back into the shit by an idiot in a mech suit. 

Feeling pissed off and miserable about losing her retirement lifestyle and subsequently, her chances of dying of old age; she searches for the reasons why she was reactivated. With the help of her old friend Al, an incognito artificial intelligence; and Om, a twenty-something emo tweak-girl, she discovers a plot that goes a lot deeper than losing her death. And in doing so, she finds a reason to survive. 


January, 2018 - Short Story Contest: Bards and Sages Annual Writing Competition, Honorable Mention for "Technicolor Peace Joy".

January, 2018 - Short Story: "Petting Zoo", The Dirty Pool.

December, 2017 - Short story: "The Good Samaritan", SPANK the CARP.

August, 2017 - Short story: "Rolling Reality" Bard and Sages Publishing's The Society of Misfit Stories.

April, 2017 - Short story: "The Crap Whisperer", The Dirty Pool.

Twisted Tails VI
The Alien Connection


As we launch into this sixth book of theTWISTED TAILS anthology series, I am reminded of Michael Crichton's debut novel, THE ANDROMEDA STRAIN. Why? Because his first and quite likely his best published novel gave us a look at the possible and horrendous result of the introduction into our happy little home of an unknown biological entity from out there somewhere. Before we go on, some clarification is needed here. Although he is best-known for revived dinosaurs, ANDROMEDA STRAIN was his first published book under his own name ([JOHN] MICHAEL CRICHTON). Published in 1969, Crichton was still in medical school and was in his early twenties. Amazing.

At the time that book was published there were few here on our safe little planet who gave such an occurrence much thought other than writers creating alien invasions from anywhere and everywhere. You know the kind, acid drooling critters whose spit could melt anything but themselves and were mindlessly bent on nothing more than destroying life in any form-particularly the human kind. Oh, and let's not forget giant bugs as in Heinlein's STARSHIP TROOPERS, a dull premise and not-so-great science fling, but a good bit of storytelling. Anyway, after reading Crichton's book, it struck me that the stuff from which we are made could well have been brought here from out there, that we are all aliens and we are not home grown...well, at least not necessarily.

The first known mention of such a possibility was made by a, wouldn't you know, 5th Century BCE Greek philosopher named Anaxagoras. Hmm, those guys get all the glory, don't they? Anyway, I was aware of most of the arguments against the concept, but it remained unproven one way or the other so I penned the following as a joke in 1971.


Twisted Tails VII

Irreverence? What's that?

Well, that all depends on how the word is used. The context, you know. Irreverence is not limited to what many people think-something to do with religion, although that can be a large part of it. Nope, it is a big word with broad meaning. Let me give you a few examples of how it is used:

Irreverent is the adjective from which the noun "irreverence" comes.

Its basic meaning is "disrespectful". Now you have an idea of just how broad it can be. I'll wager you can think of a lot of ways to be disrespectful. There is a whole world of irreverence in the pot. Our authors gleefully dip their pens into that pot and scribble out their twisted views of this world-or other worlds.

Words that can be used in place of irreverent (synonyms) are: aweless, cheeky, cocky, contemptuous, crusty, derisive, flip, flippant, fresh, iconoclastic, impertinent, impious, impudent, insolent, irreverential, mocking, out-of-line, profane, rude, sacrilegious, sassy, saucy, tongue-in-cheek, ungodly, unhallowed, unholy and so forth. As you can readily see, the majority of the Twisted Tails authors are world class representatives of the word in all its specific meanings; not just a couple.

I have gathered together several cheeky authors whose impiety is well known and asked them to grace these pages with words of insolence for your reading pleasure. As always, there is no genre restriction. Here you'll find Science Fiction, Fantasy, Mystery, Thrill-a-minute-even Mainstream. The only common element here is Irreverence. The other big deal about the Twisted Tails series that is a must are unexpected endings and sheer quality of writing. Each author brings his/her unique style and voice to the page, but to get to the page the quality of writing demanded in the Twisted Tails series of anthologies had to have been there or it would have been a "no-go". Just another rejection slip to add to the stack in an author's dark corner. Have fun while you cringe at their out-of-line talent at twisting irreverent tales and we hope to see you again-should there be a next time. I have it on good authority that there probably will be a next time, so keep a watch for it.

Outcome small
The Outcome of Sin
by Margret A. Treiber

Becca knows she's a monster.  No amount of philanthropy or repentance can change that fact.  Now in her seventies, she's seen it all and is ready to die.  Becca's survived the world's near extinction, and witnessed the planet transformed by cosmological catastrophe into an unfamiliar landscape and sky.  She's seen it all, but nothing prepared her for what was to come next. 

As a result of an ill-conceived suicide attempt, Becca's life takes a major turn towards the bizarre.  She downs a chemical cocktail containing tequila, tranquilizers, and an experimental neurological drug.  The combination should have destroyed all brain activity; instead she awakens to find herself, and society around her changing. 

Not only is she still alive, but she's better than she was before.  Becca discovers that she is getting smarter; and odder yet, she's getting younger.  And she's not alone.  Reports are coming in of other people gaining youth and unusual abilities from the neurological drug. 

Now, physically fifty years younger and a virtual super-genius, she is absorbed into the absurd and irrational world of the newly emerging superhero lifestyle.  Becca struggles to solve the mystery of who killed scientific progress, and what their sinister plans really are.  And she has to do all of this without knowing with any certainty of who the actual good guys are.  Soon she is forced to come to terms with her past actions; struggle with her own identity in the present; and accept a fight to save a future that she never expected to see.

Past Releases:

June, 2016 -  Short story: "Conversations with a Garbage Truck", Perihelion Magazine.
November, 2016 - Short story: "Short Sale",
Perihelion Magazine.